Download Instagram Reels videos in high quality without watermark within seconds for free.

Paste Instagram Reel Link and click on "Download" to continue.

How to use SaveReels?

Step 1: Copy the Instagram Reel link by using the share option on the Reel page.

Step 2: Paste the copied link into the textbox above and hit Download.

Step 3: Reel download options will be shown, pick the on you like and download the Reel in high quality.

What is SaveReels?

SaveReels is a conveninent and easy to use web app that allows users to download Instagram Reels with ease. Instagram Reels are short engaging videos shared on the popular social media platform. With SaveReels, users can copy the URL of any Instagram Reel and paste it into the link text box. By clicking the download button, SaveReels fetched the Reel video and provides a download link. Users can then save the Reel to their devices for offline viewing.

SaveReels offers several advantages to users. First, it allows them to download any Reel, regardless of its content, whether it's a funny clip, a dance performance, or an informative tutorial. Second, the app enables offline viewing, ensuring that downloaded Reels can be enjoyed without an internet connection. Third, the downloader preserves the high quality of the original video, ensuring an immersive viewing experience. Lastly, the app is designed to be fast, reliable, and user-friendly, providing a seamless downloading process.

With SaveReels, users can access and enjoy their favourite Instagram Reels anytime and anywhere, unlocking a world of captivating content at their fingertips.

Key Features:

High Resolution

You can download any Instagram Reels videos in high quality within seconds by using SaveReels.

Unlimited Downloads

You can download unlimited Instagram Reels videos without any restrictions by using SaveReels.

Absolutely Free

SaveReels is the best and 100% free tool. We never ask you to pay for our service its always free.

Frequenty Asked Questions

SaveReels is a free tool that allows users to download Instagram Reels videos onto their device for offline viewing or sharing.

SaveReels works by extracting the video URL from the Instagram Reels page and then providing the download link to the user by using that URL.

SaveReels does not support downloading Reels from private accounts. SaveReels can only download Instagram Reels that are posted only by public accounts.

No, there is no limitations on the number of reels you can download by using SaveReels. However, other Instagram Reels downloaders may have limitations on the number of reels you can download.

No, SaveReels is a web based app, so you do not need to install any additional software or apps.

Yes, SaveReels works on both mobile and desktop devices, as long as you have a compatible browser and internet connection.

SaveReels allows you to download Reels of any duration as long as the original Reel itself does not exceed Instagram's time limit for Reels.

SaveReels primarily focuses on downloading the video content itself. Captions and comments may not always be included in the downloaded file.

SaveReels is 100% free to use and would always be free. Our revenue comes from advertisements and hence the user does not have to pay for our service.

No, SaveReels operates anonymously and do not notify the content creator whose Reels you have downloaded.

No, SaveReels do not requires your Instagram login credentials. Be cautious of any downloader that asks you for your login information as it may be a phishing attempt.

Yes, there are alternative methods to download Instagram Reels, such as using screen recording apps or browser extensions. However, these methods may not not offer the same convenience, privacy and ease of use as SaveReels.

The resolution of the downloaded Instagram Reels depends upon the original video's quality. If the Reel was uploaded in high resolution then you should be able to download it in the same quality. However, if the original video was low resolution, the downloaded version will also have the same quality.

Yes, SaveReels offers the option to download Instagram Reels without watermark.